Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday evenings at the TH

Lots goes on at the TH between Monday and Friday; but the one thing that is immutable is our Wednesday evening Bible study group, led by my Dad. This group has been in existence for about ten years. It used to meet in Mum's and Dad's home; but in 2007 when they regrouped after Mum's passing away, I suggested that we meet in the TH as it was pretty central and had a lot of room.

Well, our last meeting involved turkey and Christmas crackers and carols and laughter. We remembered people who are no longer with us -- Dick and Thelma, Marion, Mum, Mae, Tina, Willie, Norma, Bill --  and held the ones who were left a little bit closer to our hearts.

This year Roselind -- a real pro in the kitchen with journeyman papers to prove it! -- came early and got everything into order and on schedule. Dianna, our intrepid nurse who with her husband Bob is spending Christmas in Nepal with their daughter and family, also arrived in plenty of time to allow me to relax and know that everything was going to go off like clockwork.

Ted carved the turkey, Leona made the salad, and Beth filled the glasses and then took on baby-sitting (or, to be more accurate, baby-carrying) duty for the entire evening so that the lovely Ruth Ann could have a break.

As is our tradition, we each received a Bible verse at our place settings. Mine was this:

Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
                              (Gospel of Matthew 11:28)

To George and Leona, Ralph, Lynda, Brenda, Ted, Ed and Ruth-Ann and "our" beautiful little Anna Grace, Sherlotte and Marjory, Beth, Harvey, Bob and Dianna, Rich and Cindy and Joey and Caelynn, Charles and Roselind, Joyce, Betty, and of course to Dad, a happy Christmas! Wednesday evening is one of the highlights of my week. I feel honoured to belong to this special TH family.

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