Monday, September 21, 2009

A Week's Worth of Hugs

I read some years ago that humans need human physical contact -- four hugs a day to maintain the health and well-being you have, and eight hugs or more to increase your well-being and improve your health.

This early morning, waiting for sleep to overtake me, instead of counting sheep I decided to try to count the hugs I gave and/or received (how does one differentiate, and should it matter, really?) on Saturday and Sunday in the TH. Saturday gave me 32 hugs, and Sunday blessed me with 27 more. And these are the ones I can clearly remember! (If there were a competition for best hugger, Richard would win on Saturday and Sarah on Sunday ...) You do the math -- should I not be the healthiest non-exercising, undisciplined eater you have ever met?

It's no wonder I love this place ...


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