Friday, January 20, 2012

"That Went Well ..."

The dreaded quarterly "Funnel Review" is behind me for another couple of months, and I am still standing.

I acknowledge that I have been given quite a number of gifts; some that I have NOT been given are making projections and calculating what it will take to get me to my target. I work very hard at what I do, but forecasting numbers is a mystery to me. I am comfortable dealing with what I know.

And then when my VP said, "I would hedge your bets 3 - 1", I actually had to ask her what she meant ...

When she explained it, I understood her completely and her logic was impeccable.

As I was signing off, she said the sweetest words I have heard for a long time anywhere: "Well, that went well." 

I am so grateful to Carswell (a Thomson Reuters business!) for all it has given me over the years - I started with the company in 1992 as a contract worker; then was taken on permanently in 1993; resigned in 2003 to start the TH; they took me back in 2005; and in 2006 I was given the opportunity of moving into the role I'm in now. They have exercised enormous patience with me in my various roles and I couldn't be more grateful.

However, two thoughts came out of this morning's exercise:

First, when the final day rolls around for me, and I'm standing before God, is He going to say to me, "Well, that went well"? Or will I be as apprehensive, have as many knots in my stomach, then? It dawns on me that there won't be a chance to change my projections and resubmit at that point ...

And second, I'd better learn something about gambling before the next review!!


  1. You are funny, hunny. Keep working at what you do well and use what help you need to do the rest. There's nothing wrong with not doing fabulous at absolutely everything. Doing your best is the most important. You are filled with many warm and comforting talents. God has blessed you with a personality that draws people in. Surely there's someone around that can help you with numbers. hahahaha ♥ U.

  2. I missed the bit in your Carswell history when your myopic supervisor traded you to another department (for a bass player!)

  3. I bet everything that the final day will be a great one! God will be overjoyed and say, "Karyn, you've fulfilled all my projections! As we review your history, I'm laughing for sheer happiness! Here's my Son - you get to see Him at last! He's told me so much about you! ... Welcome to My House! Tea is ready - will you pour? And here are lots of people to share it with - they've been reading the leaves of your life and could hardly wait to tell you: it was amazing! Karyn, it went so well! You were faithful in small things. In a day or two we'll talk: I'm forecasting even greater things!"

  4. dear karyn
    well done. in advance.

  5. ps. remember, i love you. :)

  6. Thank you all, and thank you God; my life is full of grace!


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