Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Birthday, Andy!

May this be the year where all the surprizes are good ones!


  1. Hey KCI, very kind of you to remember. Each new morning has its own surprize and, as that dream girl says, they're all good! Somewhere north of twenty-eight and south of nine hundred.

  2. May there be many prizes and sur-prizes, and may every month take you a little closer to where you're going, and may the journey along the way be sweet and fresh and strong, like a good cup of chai! (And may you have several of those this year too!) A very happy birthday to you, Andy, from P,B,E&O!

  3. Happy Birthday, Andy. Wishing you a memorable day and a year filled with all kinds of special, happy memories.

    Love from your friends,

    David and Rosalie! :)

  4. "Happy birthday, Andy! Hope you have a wonderful year!"


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