Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sleepover at Evie's House!

A few years ago, when I concluded I would never have children of my own, it was my friend Suze - pregnant at the time - who hugged me close to her and said, "I'll share her with you ..."

Suze called me when Evelyn Marie made her first appearance; she sent me the birth announcement, the baptism announcement, pictures of Evie's first Halloween, first Christmas, first day at school. She sent pictures of all her big events. She took me home to meet Evie when I was in Toronto.

Right from the beginning all her emails, cards, letters, pictures, were addressed to "Auntie Karyn" or "Auntie K". And she would tell me what was going on in the world of "our girl."

This week I flew in to Toronto for our annual conference and Suze invited me to stay at her place on the Monday night and drive up to the conference with her on Tuesday morning. "You'll be able to see our girl and Evie will be able to put a face to her Auntie K now that she's older," Suze cajoled me.

As I walked into the house with Suze, a whirlwind of beauty charged at me, thrusting two pictures she had coloured into my hands and saying, "Auntie Karyn, I did these for you!"

And she said, "Auntie Karyn, will you sleep in my room with me? Then if we wake up early we can talk!"

She is lively and beautiful and strong and wise and funny, my little niece.

She is just like her Mommy.


  1. This is beautiful. Such a special relationship. A sweet little girl. Karyn, you are an amazing 'auntie' to so many little people in your life. You open up your heart to so many....and we feel blessed to have you in our our children's lives. You reach out, you build relationships, kids trust are a gift. Kids see that there is room in your heart for them....they find love and acceptance. I don't even know how to put it in words, except to say I am thankful for you.

  2. Kiko said it perfectly.

    All weekend long, Evie pranced around in the green shawl and purse you gave me. She wanted to hang it up in an obvious place to remind her that you were really here. With us! In her room!

    We miss you. But absolutely loved having you.

    Thank you for you.


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