Thursday, April 7, 2011

Scenes From the Marketplace, Part 2

It was getting time for us to go for breakfast, and so we slowly wended our way out of that area of the market, away from the mysteries and colour and nooks and crannies begging to be explored. But on the way out, a few more scenes of wonder caught our eyes:

Temple stall
We arrived in Bangalore during the Holi Festival; you can see the exquisite cones of coloured powder waiting to be bought and thrown lightheartedly at friends and strangers ...

Holi cones

The little clay pots used to burn oil for worship

As we surfaced back into the bright, hot light again, we saw that other people were also done for the day:

Everything in balance!

The promise of the
best orange juice ...

The market was just the start
of his day - now he's off to
peddle his wares in the street

Preparing to load the vehicle ...

Produce truck about to leave

... and he's ready to go!

Just a few more minutes
'til breakfast's ready, guys ...

Seriously - are you driving away
with that on the roof?!
(Yes, it turned out!)


What a wonderful morning!


  1. So glad you could go! So glad you came back, and are sharing all these sights, sounds and smells - yes, they do permeate the computer screen!

  2. Those lady's fingers are the longest I've ever seen!! And green as okra. Strangely beautiful, this world of colourful contradictions, we are. Inside and outside. Holi or unholy, that stunningly vibrant powder makes me want to plunge in and smear colour all over us all. . . :)

  3. agreeing with both of the!!!!


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