Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 4: The Gift of Living

It was exactly one year ago that I got the phone call from Mike, at 8:18 on Monday morning: Andy had had a stroke. "It's not good," are the words that still ring in my ears from Mike's broken voice.

Dad was heading to India that evening, but he immediately adjusted his plans to include a stop at the hospital, and the two of us went to see Andy. This strong, athletic man lay crumpled on a stretcher, ready to go for more tests at a moment's notice. Ironically, it could have been waterskiing that provoked his stroke.

And now, one year later, Andy is coming back: writing, reading, working, regaining strength and confidence. It has taken God's grace coupled with tremendous courage on Andy's part to accomplish what he has in these last 12 months.

Many of you know Andy and have followed his progress with your concern and your prayers. Your support for him at the fundraiser spearheaded by Donna and Morley last year showed him how valued he is.

And we will continue to stand behind him, grateful for his life and his input into our lives. After all, if it weren't for Andy we would never have the little tea house community that unites people from various walks of life and gives us all so many moments of joy.


  1. Congratulations and blessings to Andy on this year of recovery, and for the lasting gift he is to many.

  2. Many thanks for all your prayers and the kind words that have been offered. The fundraiser in the TeaHouse was an evening I will always remember -- From the first hello to the last good night, it was a wonderfully uplifting evening. Thank you Karyn, thank you Three Hills, thank you to all the Ironsides, and thank you to all the people who offered me friendship and support through a scary time. And thank you to Dr. Ironside for telling me what I needed to hear. But who was the strong, athletic man on the stretcher !


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