Thursday, October 14, 2010

(REUTERS/Ivan Alvarado)
Day 13: Esperanza!

Has there been anything so wonder-full in the last little while as that first miner emerging from the tiny capsule yesterday? Unless it was the last miner stepping out tonight, and the other 31 men in between.

Unless it is the "34th man" who was with them the entire time.

They never lost hope throughout the 69 - 70 days of their ordeal. Truly, you can exist on one spoon of tuna every 48 hours, you can exist in dust that's so fine that it sifts around and over and into you, you can exist without the comforts of home or even the basics. But you can't exist without hope.

REUTERS/Government of Chile/Pool


  1. "Rebirth" is EXACTLY the word!! xoxo

  2. It was an AMAZING thing to watch and must have been an even more amazing thing to have lived through! You're correct in your observation about "hope". I believe it gets us all through some of the toughest things in life. If we lose hope, we often get depressed and that is when life ends for many without the Lord to remind them that HIS coming could be at any time! Those miners must've wondered many times, "will today be the day they find us and get us out?" So thankful to see they all made it out!


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