Monday, May 10, 2010


And just in time for the first big snowstorm of April! It is uncanny how they time their reemergence into our world. We know that if Don and Norma are on their way, so is the bad weather, defying them to try to escape it with impunity ...

How we miss them over the winter months! Norma and I have already had a sleepover, the night Don was in Red Deer and that crazy storm whipped the wind into a frenzy.

Don has started fixing everything that needs to be fixed around the TH; taking control; showing me that I am one of his girls. And Norma has peeled potatoes, washed dishes, kept me company; showing me that I am one of her girls.

Who could help but love these two?!


  1. so close yet so far: we're coming to Calgary, but you are still so far away. Wish I could visit your Tea House! Send me your contact info so that I can write to you off this blog. I want to tell my friends in Edmonton to visit you, too. Joy
    Joy Chase, Breeks 54-57.

  2. Joy, have a lovely visit to Calgary. The Tea House is a relaxing and short - only 1 1/4 hr - drive from the city. Worth the time, even just to pick up some Tiger Hill and other Nilgiris' loose leaf teas.... :)

    Cathryn... in Calgary


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