Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 3 - Welcome Home, Grandpa!

They've arrived! Ed and Raj went to pick them up and I met them when they arrived on the campus, at about 4 o'clock on Sunday morning.

Not a lot of words had to be said - but Dad's face told it all. He's home!

Giving thanks for travelling mercies ...

... and for the KC Das curds (yogurt) that
Raj and Aren know is our favourite!

Six hours after his arrival ...
he was beyond happy to be back
in his favourite pulpit!

 And, as has become a tradition, the men's quartet sang one of his favourite songs for him just before he spoke on Sunday night. There is a River ...

The names of the men in the quartet are Lokho, Daili, Levi and Solomon. Mung No, the Choir Director, is accompanying them on his guitar:

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  1. Welcome Home! What wonderful photographs and music - with great filming that included Dad as well! Thank you for the joy in all those faces shared with all of us back at this end of the super-large home in which we live! God is infinitely kind!


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