Saturday, June 9, 2012

Welcome to the Weekend!

I had the privilege of cooking dinner for eight couples staying at the Rosebud Country Inn tonight. These couples - the Adventurers, they call themselves - have met for a long weekend once a year. This year is their tenth.

We were far too busy to be able to take pictures of the tables, beautifully arranged by Doreen, or of the salads, artfully assembled by Rebecca, or of the mountain of dishes that BJ cheerfully tackled at the end of the evening.

However, right before they hit the dessert buffet, I asked the Adventurers if I could take a picture to show my RtLers.

Here it is. Bon appetit. 

And here's to friendships that last through the years!


  1. I could go for some sticky toffee pudding right now!! And it's only 10:30 am!

    How nice to celebrate with the Adventurers on this weekend when we also celebrate the date of our adventurous, beloved parents' wedding anniversary. Dad and Mum combined amazing food, great friends and joie de vivre in all their life-long adventures, so these couples are on the right track! Here's to all of them!


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