Friday, June 29, 2012

They're Back!

Conversation between Oliver and me earlier in the week:

    • When do you leave? I saw the flurry of posts yesterday with your Mom, etcc ...
    • Thursday!
    • What time do you arrive?
    • Around 8 pm
    • Are we allowed to meet you at the airport or is that just too uncocol for you ddudes now ...
    • uncool and dudes
    • it depends on whether or not Tim Hortons will be involved.
    • TIM WILL BE INVOLVED!!! How do you like your coffee, and what doughnuts are preferred?
    • Ice Cap for Elliot and me, 2 creams 1 sugar for Dad, and a decaf ice cap for Mom if they have it, otherwise decaf coffee with double milk for Mom. Preferably with a variety of doughnuts.
    • I took a survey.

Welcome back!!

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