Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Night Before Easter

What must this night have been like for the followers of Jesus, I wonder? 

The disciples were falling apart, in disarray.

The women, hearts stricken, were counting the dreadful hours until they could anoint His body.

The officials were nervous; they put a 24-hour guard against the tomb.

But what about Lazarus? Lazarus was a walking testament to the love and the resurrection power of Christ.

The widow of Nain's son was up and about and thriving.

The people who rose out of the tombs that were opened on the night of the crucifixion itself were in the cities and the burbs surrounding this city. They were at home again, and they were talking about the miraculous power of God. They wanted others to see it too.

I saw it tonight at the TH.

My first glimpse was of crutches propped under lanky arms in the entry way. I went to the inner door and there stood my friend Morley.

His beautiful Donna was right behind him.

After long, long months in the hospital and then the care centre, he was released to come home on Thursday.

The road ahead will not be an easy one. Lots of physiotherapy and patience will be required.

But Morley is home! Truly God is good.

Prayers of thanksgiving
With Fabio, their devoted friend throughout the
past months and years

A kinder, gentler Morley, to be sure ...
but still our old Morley!!

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  1. It was good to see Morley at the TH and the progress he has made in his recovery. PTL!


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