Thursday, February 16, 2012

That's Amore!

The magic starts with this!
Back by loud demand, Karl and Dave strolled into the TH just before 5 p.m. on Valentine's Day. Coffee for Dave; water for Karl. A quick sound check, and then dinner for our two troubadours. This year they felt free to amble about the TH and come into the kitchen - I felt that FINALLY we could claim them as part of the Nilgiris family for this one day of the year!

The evening started well and went up from there. As couples arrived, they found their tables and settled into their chairs as I poured them a glass of Pellegrino.
The evening's six-course menu

Then Tiffany and Josie took over, pouring pink lemonade punch, making the guests feel comfortable, taking out the first course - Italian Wedding soup and warm ciabatta buns. A dish with butter and olives was already on each table.

I moved to the kitchen for the rest of the evening - with little peeks into the dining room when I heard Karl and Dave playing a favourite song like Two Sleepy People or World on a String. Josie and Tiff worked the dining room this particular evening.
Tiff serving chicken breast wrapped
in prosciutto with risotto and
asparagus spears

Josie with the cannelloni course

An unexpected pair of hands:
BJ from the Rosebud Country Inn
popped in to help for the afternoon.
Brenda's peeking behind her!
As a result, I never got a single picture of our guests or our musicians! Fortunately BA had grabbed my camera before we opened and took a few pictures of the room, and I had clicked a couple during prep time.
Once again Doreen came to my rescue
with the dining room - it was spectacular!

These comfy chairs were made for
Heather and Scott to enjoy the evening!
 As I served dessert - raspberry cream in Callebaut chocolate cup, mini sticky toffee pudding and petit palmier - I saw that the music had once again worked its magic: couples sat with heads close together, holding hands, whispering, smiling at each other.

Table cloths hemmed by Norma ...

Much to my surprise, I received a Valentine myself that evening: the lovely, ever-thoughtful Becky, along with her not-so-secret admirer, Mike, brought me a vase filled with beautiful tulips and an even more beautiful card, which I will cherish for a long time.

As each couple left, the lady received a single red rose, provided by the generosity of our own Oswaldo.

Later that evening, when everyone else was gone, I could still hear faint echoes of the music and the murmured laughter. Karl and I sat in front of the fireplace and shared a pot of tea and a chat. He told me, "Dave and I love playing the Tea House. Shall we book right now for next Valentine's Day?"

I thought I heard a little noise in the entry way, so I went to investigate.

Not quite everyone was gone, it turned out ...

Happy Heart Day, one and all!


  1. It worked!!!!!!! Thank you Karl and Dave! May anyone else who needs the magic book NOW for next Valentine's - or, even better, get the music to play long before then! God bless St. Valentine! (And God bless the cook!)

    1. Bronwyn, maybe next year you and that handsome husband of yours could be part of the magic; we'll make the boys waiter - after all, they are old hands at it by now!

  2. Once again you have made magical moments and memories for many people! Love your writing, when is your book launching???

    1. Oh Bonnie, you are so sweet! Thank you for reading the Leaves and for all your encouragement! xo

  3. Lovely awesome evening. Just sign Mike and I up for next year:) Thanks for all your sweetnesses to us all.

    1. Becky, I would happily, except for - well, I've already been asked what I could possibly come up with to top this year's menu for next year and so I've already started stressing!

  4. Thanks for a wonderful evening last night. You out did yourself AGAIN!!
    How you keep coming up with the great ideas is beyond me.
    Also the crepes on Saturday were superb!!
    I bet you are very tired today.

    Thanks again
    Feb 15

    1. You and Sweet William are two of the people who make me believe love can conquer all ... Did you give him the rose?!

  5. Music, food & glasses to clink, it is all a love language to us. A fishes & loaves kind of Valentines, feeding my soul. Thank you for the details that made each of us feel as if they were in another place & time, together.

    1. It was lovely to have you and your beau - just the two of you, no kids! - for this occasion. You glowed in the lamplight, and he glowed gazing at you.


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