Monday, February 6, 2012

Love Is In The Air ...

I got home from Edmonton late on Friday night only to discover that the Valentine's fairies had danced all the way through the TH!
My first intimation - the front counter ...

The little secretary ... 

The tea trolley transformed! Note the old music -
presented to me by my nephew Matthew after
his trip to Italy - on the brass music stand ...

The top of the curio cabinet ...

The left side of the mantelpiece ...

... and the right

My beloved piano

One of the Christmas cardinals managed to work its way
into the birdcage - notice the flash of scarlet ...

I added the cup and saucer, which I had purchased
while working up in Edmonton because it reminded me
of my very first "own" tea cup, given to me by my
friend Crystal Bloom for my seventh birthday.

The tea cup that started it all! Its home is now on the
Victorian mahogany mirror above the mantelpiece.
The Hug
Close-up of a table arrangement -
and yes, you can eat the candy!
The mirror in the entry way 
As I was admiring the heart casually gracing the hallway mirror, I caught the reflection of something red, almost out of sight.

I turned around and there was Asher - remember him? The snowman who guarded the front door and greeted everyone through December and January - with his back to me, peeking through the window. 

I approached with caution, curious as to what he was looking at...

Esmerelda? What was she doing over here? I thought she was stationed near the piano!

Here's a question for you: if snow people's hearts melt, does the rest of them melt too?

They both seem pretty shy ...
The wreaths next to the front door

The poster on the front door -
Karl and Dave are coming back for Valentine's Day ...
Thank you, you magical TH fairy, for the beauty your wand has waved into our little place.

And Asher, my bashful friend, I feel I should point out that there are only nine days left till Valentine's Day. Now would be a good time to tell Esmerelda what's on your heart.

But Ez, may I remind you it's leap year? If Asher is just way too shy, you're permitted to ask him out on February 29 ... that is, if it doesn't get too warm before then!


  1. I really, really hope Esmerelda and Asher get together on Valentine's - or Leap Year's Day. Please ask Karl and Dave to play a song specially. That might help. And I hope that all who invisibly bring love to visible reality at the TH will be filled with love themselves!

    1. I will ask Karl to play for those two crazy kids. Ez and Ash - what will become of this scenario?!

      And I hope that you, my romantic sister with stars in her eyes and galaxies of love in her heart, have a special Valentine's celebration with your three men half-way round the world. Tell the two youngsters that you deserve breakfast in bed at the very least!

  2. Lovely, and Happy Valentine's Day to the TH staff.

    1. Thank you, Heather. I hope the staff forgives me for making them work on the actual day, when they themselves all have BFs now! :{

  3. Looks nice, I told Jay he couldn't eat any of the candy in the vases as I thought they were strictly for decor:)!

  4. Clever bunch those Valentine's Fairies -- imagine the laughter that went with the setting of Esmerelda and Asher!

    1. Wait for an update - they both seem to have slid closer to the door this evening ...

  5. It looks so beautiful, I am sure all who enter the TH will feel the love! Happy Valentine's Day my beautiful friend!

    1. Happy Valentine's day to you and Alex as well, Bonnie! One of the sweet moments for me in the TH is when the two of you are sitting in the purple chairs, before your food comes, and you are sipping your beverages and just enjoying each other's company. And I think to myself, "THAT's what it's all about!" Love you ...

  6. What a lovely, lovely spot to sit and reflect at this Valentine's time. Love is a beautiful thing and the decor depicts it in a special way. It warms the cockles of my heart. May the TH be blessed with an abundance of love and joy in the coming days. And much love to you, my special friend. I adore you. <3

    1. The thing about you, Rosalie, is that you exude love all the time, not just on Valentine's day. No wonder so many people love you right back! And I am privileged to be one of their number. Thank you for being there for me, for praying for me, for caring. Happy heart day to you and your wonderful David.

  7. oh. i miss this. and you. though, i think i miss you more. <3

    1. All I know is, I miss you a whole ton ... I hope you and Mr T have a great heart day this year!

  8. What a touch of love those Valentine's Fairies gave the TH! The place looks magical! I hope everyone feels loved this Valentine's Day. Have a love-filled Valentine's Day, Aunty Karyn!
    With my love too,

    1. Thank you for sharing the greatest of these Love.
      How great to know the Love of the Lord Jesus.I am also thankful for the Love of other who walk beside me in this
      journey. I am blessed. Thank you, sweetness for life added by your thoughtfullness. I give special thanks that My sweetheart Don has been able to remain by my side.
      God is so good.

    2. Dear Mary and Don, You are an inspiration to so many, including me. Much love to you both, especially on this Valentine's Day! xo

    3. And Miss Chloe, my very special niece, I will see you soon and we will have an Event filled with books and food and love! I just can't wait!! Love you very much. Thanks for reading the leaves and for praying for me.


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