Thursday, December 8, 2011

Calling All Tea Drinkers ...

I'm writing very briefly this afternoon about Morley. My dear Morley is in bad shape. He was involved in an almost-head-on collision on Saturday afternoon, and he is still in ICU in Calgary.

Morley is one of the good friends of the TH. He is funny, clever, charming, self-deprecatory, well-read, a good listener. He loves the carrot cake with a pot of tea. He is an all-round excellent man.

I spent a while with Donna, Morley's beautiful and kind wife, yesterday afternoon. Over tea (not great - but we were in the hospital cafeteria; what do you expect?!) she told me some of the details of what Morley has suffered. 

His body is brutally broken and battered. His face is extremely swollen. His brain and his spine, however, have not been damaged, which is nothing short of miraculous.

The doctors have already spent one 8-hour session in surgery; the next session is going to be tomorrow.

Please, all RtL readers - whether you drink tea, coffee or dirty chai! - won't you say a prayer for Morley tomorrow, Friday the 9th? Pray that the surgeons will have steady hands and keen eyes; pray that the surgical team will be focused and compassionate. Pray that our dear Morley's body and spirit will be up to the task of yet more invasion, more surgery.

Pray that his bones will be knit, that his organs will be unscarred, that his flesh will heal.

Pray that his spirit will remain strong.

Pray for more small miracles.

And pray also for my dear Donna. Her life, too, will be - has been - radically changed. Her courage is immense and her devotion is unquestioned. But she will need support and love surrounding her over the next months.

Thank you, Nilgiris family. I am so thankful to know you are out there, thankful that you care.

We love you dearly, Morley. We are all rooting for you.



  1. We will be praying, Karyn. In fact we will be in Calgary tomorrow. We are going to hear the Messiah. I will use that time to sit back, close my eyes and enjoy the music and pray for Morley. I don't think I know these people but give them my love and assurance that I care.

    And bless you, my dear friend . . . you have such a good heart. You are one of the few reason I wish we still lived in the TH.


  2. P.S. Of course I will be praying for his wife, Donna, as well. How difficult this must be for her.

  3. We will be praying for Morley and Donna.

  4. That's terrible. I will be praying for Morley.

  5. Lord, we remember Morley & Donna.
    Praying Your strength, peace
    & love will pour into their lives. Be near.
    Speak through friends & family.
    You are the God of our dreams, passions, & hopes.
    They need Your touch today. So much.
    You are the Great I am.
    You are the beginning of our stories, the middle & the end. When moments of disbelief take over,
    steady their minds to trust in you.
    Rejoicing in Your presence. Amen.

  6. I will be praying too

  7. Hi Karyn, I'll be praying for Morley.

  8. Thanks, Karyn. We have been praying much for him since we heard Sat night. In fact, I prayed as STARS flew over not knowing then it was our good friend and once-upon-a-time next door neighbour!

  9. I am praying for comfort and healing for Morley and Donna. And for steady hands and a clear mind for the surgical team.

  10. I am so sorry to hear this news. Miracles happen, and at Christmas we remember them. I believe in a miracle for Morley. My prayers and love are with him and all who love him. God bless us, every one.

  11. So sorry to hear this sad news. Much love to Morley and Donna and all... with my prayers.


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