Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thanksgiving Month, Day 12: Captain Kirk: The Next Generation

You have met my friend Gary before and you know what an influence and a resource and a comfort and a sounding board and a gift he is to me. I delight in his friendship.

However, he's kind of spoiled it for me this year. This year he has started bringing out two little people whom I want to focus on more than I do him when he comes to the TH to visit.

Gordie and Caelyn.

Gordie has already started working at the TH: the first time he visited was during the hours we are open. I got him to hand out chocolate Ovations to departing guests. The next time he came to visit was before we were actually open. But Gary's friend and mine, Ed, dropped by a little bit early. Gordie vanished behind the counter, only to emerge triumphantly with an Ovation, which he promptly rushed over to Ed at the fireplace.

These kids are smart as a whip. And they look out for each other very tenderly. When I got tea cups for them on one visit, Caelyn looked at the cup for Gordie and said to me, "He likes green." 

In moments like this I see glimpses of their Dad, see the love he has for them, the care he bestows, the time he devotes to them. I remember how Gary used to be the one taking the early morning shift with Gordie when the latter was a baby - 5 a.m. and the two men of the house would be together, talking and bonding, the one nestled on the other's chest as close to his heart as possible. I remember the text I received when Caelyn was born - shortly after Gary lost his beloved sister Dorothy to cancer - and feeling that this little girl would be an instrument to heal the hurt and the pain, feeling so glad that Gordie now had a sister with whom he could live and grow, whom he would love, with whom he could enjoy a special closeness as had Gary and Dorothy. 

I love these two kids of yours, Gary.  I'm not saying outright that they are supplanting you in my affections, but it might be touch and go ...

Happy birthday, dear friend. May this year give you joy with no sorrow added. 

And please bring out Gordie and Caelyn to visit soon! 


  1. Thanks Karyn! Made my day, week, month...

  2. I love how carefully they hold the tiny cups! Big eyes that see everything; patiently, beautifully, delightfullly growing up.

  3. beautiful people! nice to see you all here, gary . . . :)


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