Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Walk a Mile in My Shoes ...

One of the things I find wearying is being on my feet without a break for upwards of 17 hours on each Saturday and Sunday. And my sisters are always on the lookout for good shoes to help me make it through. Over the years, they have come up with lifesavers.

This weekend, one of them showed up at the TH with these:

She had got herself a pair and decided that they would be the very thing for me. And they are!

Turns out, I LOVE following in my sisters' footsteps ...


  1. What cute shoes! I like them. :)

  2. i am in love with those shoes!!! where did she find them??

  3. I'll ask her on Sunday: Shoe finds like this are meant to be shared! They are some of the most comfortable I have ever worn, on top of the cuteness factor ...

  4. All you shoe junkies out there: she got the shoes in a store called Penelope - in Inglewood, Calgary!


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