Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas with the Lab Girls

They had been trying for a couple of years to get the date they wanted; this year, they were the second people to book their Christmas dinner.

"What lab?" someone asked me blankly. 

"The girls who take your blood but make you glad you can give it to them," I responded. And indeed, I think we have the best bunch of lab technicians a town could hope for.

Tonight I had 14 guests; and Dad, Brenda and Char comprised my kitchen crew. 

It was the smoothest, easiest, calmest dinner we have done yet ...

The dining room ready for 6 o'clock
The presents table, bedecked with a
brand new Christmas table runner -
thanks, Char!

Waiting for the poor girl who ended
up in Trochu ...

They were served cheesy cauliflower soup, accompanied by croissants and butter, to start; and then they served themselves a full turkey dinner buffet.

 After they all helped themselves to food, they settled in for what sounded like a wonderful evening together. You know the TH rule, though: "What happens in the TH stays in the TH." So all I can show you is the fire truck screeching by, lights flashing, through the fog.

"What? They set the place on fire?," I hear you asking. Think what you must ...

 After dinner, as the festivities continued, we set up the dessert buffet ...

But just before they chose from the mango mousse, sticky toffee pudding, peanut butter cream-filled chocolate cups, lemon curd morsels, mince tarts and pumpkin pie, they took a moment for a photo op:

 What a lovely bunch of women! It almost makes me want to become a lab tech - except for the tech part of it, that is ...

Happy Christmas to each one of you! I'm still kind of sorry that Earl didn't walk in with the cowboy hat, though ...


  1. We have the best lab staff on the planet!

  2. Thanks for including the photo-op ... now we understand why the fire truck had to zip by, with all those hot ladies in house!
    Many thanks to the people of our communities who do almost invisible jobs, often in the most difficult times of others' lives, and bring light and life to so many by what they do and how they do it.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful night. I'm thankful for them when they don't have to poke me more than once:).


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