Friday, November 9, 2012

Another's Mother

Have been recalling winter fun on our hill in Calgary, and skating in Three Hills! Think I'll buy a new pair of skates!

Another’s mother

                       shuffled off
her mortal coil
       last evening

Another’s mother
                    left her girls
crying out for
       one more day

as she laced up her
             shiny new skates and
                                 glided off to the other side
                                                                of the pond
             the whoosh of blades on ice
                                 whispering farewell

Picture taken by Another herself,
Her worn heart
       pouring out love to the last
                           is now her own again

But Another
         is left behind
crying, “oh mom!!!!!!!”
          is left standing
on the other bank of the pond,
          is left scanning 
the sky for a sign,

          is left

we shiver on the shore
with Another

we are all Another

Laura Lynn Shaefer momsie, i am imagining you skating on a perfect pond in heaven. it's not even cold. and there's a bonfire & hot chocolate. and i am skating with you. i'm actually not that bad at it either. 
i miss you mum.


  1. Oh, Karyn, how beautiful and yet so sad! We all miss our Mom's, but thankfully will be together again! Hugs to you!

  2. dearest karyn, thankyou!!!! you put words to my heart's anguish...and soothed me. love you lots, me

  3. What a beautiful tribute. Thank you for posting this and comforting my friend. This says so much to all of us 'anothers'

  4. This is so beautiful Karyn. My heart goes out to Laura Lynn, Cheryl, and the rest of Maida's family and friends.

  5. Just gorgeous <3

  6. this really is beautiful!

  7. bless you karyn. i just reread this and had another good cry.
    mum so loved thanksgiving. xo

    1. Dear Laura Lynn - no word of a lie, this morning at breakfast my Dad mentioned your Mum and was remembering her funeral! The thing about the beautiful Maida is that she loved LIFE. She would thrive on Thanksgiving because she was so grateful for life, and for her girls most of all ... xoxo


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