Tuesday, October 16, 2012

All in the Family ... Day 15

It seems like you've been one of us forever. Mum certainly thought so: she would hug you and lecture you and worry about you and love you like you were another one of her own brood.

You care for a number of our mouths, it's true; but it's much more than that. You care for our spirits and our spirit and our well being.

Your capacity for serving people continues to astonish me. I remember how even as a student you would give up your free time to do gratis work with disadvantaged children in various rural communities, and you still give of your time and resources to ensure others have a better life.

Thanks for bailing me out at the TH as well. The boys still talk in awed tones about the day you tried to teach them how to pull perfect espresso shots. I'm frankly in awe at how you set the table for the ladies' afternoon tea party because you saw how I would not be able to get to it in time before we opened for the Sunday afternoon.

Thank you for letting me get to know your family. You and Viv are such good parents. Of course, you know how crazy I am about Aoife, in whom I see reflected your compassion and sense of humour and streak of independence. But this year I was equally blessed to become acquainted with the son who is so similar to you in temperament, wittiness, kindness, loyalty and sangfroid. It is going to be fascinating to learn how he grows to full adulthood and channels his many gifts and talents into becoming a man of wisdom, integrity and valour. 

Because that's what you are. There is a verse in the 37th Psalm that reminds me of you: "The steps of a good man are established by the Lord; and He delights in his way." Your own sister, Kathleen, mused this summer as we talked over sushi, "There's something about Brian - he's the best of all of us ..."

She had it right. 

Happy birthday to someone whose friendship becomes more precious with each passing year.

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  1. Brian, I remember you there when Mum passed awaym sitting quietly or singing like any one of her "kids". And I remember you, years ago, by the tiny kitchen table in our tiny 3 Hills home, talking with Dad about things that last. Time changes a lot, but not those things. And so it will be family for life! Happy Birthday!!


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