Saturday, September 15, 2012

Allan Ironside's 80th Birthday Tea

We had a small come-and-go birthday tea for Dad last Saturday afternoon.

Well, we thought it was going to be small; but it turns out that our shy, quiet Dad has more friends than all his kids put together do!
Dad's jam and cookies
for his siblings
Dad, BA and Deb welcoming everyone
to the table

Dad's remaining siblings, with the exception of Bruce who lives in America, came for lunch at the TH first. Welcome additions to the meal were Doreen, who was a dear friend to both our grandmother and to our Uncle Gordon, and our aunts' long-time friend Diane.
We were thrilled that Clark
was well enough to come
(with wonderful Ev)

"Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow!" 

The come-and-go tea started at 2 pm, and was graciously hosted by our friend Barb from Porchlight Village. Barb and Peter moved in to Porchlight at around the time that the TH opened. Her parents moved to Three Hills shortly thereafter, and immediately fell into my heart. Dad spent quite a bit of time with Peter when he was in hospital; he passed away shortly before my Mum did.

Dr and Mrs Ted S. Rendall could not attend, but he sent the following greeting, which Bronwyn read for us all:

(Reproduced by kind permission of Dr. T.S. Rendall)
Following this, Dad spoke briefly and movingly about how grateful he was to God for his physical life - he should not really have been here today - but how even more grateful he was for the life he has been privileged to lead because the gift of salvation gave him spiritual life. He thanked everyone for being there. "You are all, each one of you, precious," he said.
Then Allan, our brother, wrote a song for the occasion chronicling Dad's life to the tune of the theme from the Beverly Hillbillies.

At the end of the song, Dad said
"Thank you, Clark" - much to Clark's delight!
Listening to Allan

Last, Dad had a "Guess the number of Quarters" jar. The person who guessed the number of quarters, or the person who came the closest to the number (and you had to be within 20 quarters), would win the jar.

There were some crazy guesses ...

 Some of Dad's friends who could come for tea ...

"Uncle Lloyd" and Dad

 Uncle Lloyd and Auntie Hazel, two of Dad's dearest friends, had spent the night at his home a few days earlier. They weren't able to be with us in person; but we had this picture of the two friends on display, and I know they were with us in spirit!

How Mum loved Steve and Sarah!

What a splendid afternoon it was! Thanks to all of you for making an effort to honour this man who means so much to each one of us who were present.

Oh yes, and the winner of the quarters jar?
Elliot, who guessed 404 quarters; there were 412!

Dad, as someone sang, "May you live to be a hundred, and then one hundred more!"


  1. Looks like it was a grand occasion -- so sorry to have missed the chance to be there. I am so grateful to, and learned so much from, your Dad, you, and all your family.

  2. It was our privilege to be there....and I simply loved his Jodhpuri looked so royal and graceful....he is indeed the most youngest looking 80 year old we have met!!! His little speech was so touching too...and what we liked most was when he said that whatever good I have done till now is all because the Lord wants me to do it....May he stay happy and healthy always and enjoy these moments with his children and friends...

  3. I so wish I could have been there. But I'm glad to see that many friends showed up to honor a most wonderful and godly man. I love him dearly. God bless you, Mr. Ironside and continue to use you for His glory in the days, weeks, months and years to come.

    1. Dr.Ironside still looks great as 27 years ago.
      From one of his former students in Bangalore. Wish him a very very happy birthday.
      Denver, Colorado.

  4. Karyn: what a nice tribute to your father on his 80th. When your father left for India, little did he know what the “paths of his journey” would be, or that he would be a blessing to so many people. He is the kindest Bible teacher I have known. His studies are both challenging and encouraging. I am sure that the words of Proverbs 3: 5 & 6 encouraged him on his journey: “5 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."
    Although, I have only known him a short time I am most thankful for his life of teaching and modeling the Scriptures.

  5. It was a wonderful party, Karyn. Thanks for organizing it so well.

  6. Hello My name is La Seng Labya resided in Texas, USA. I was one of Dr. Ironside's students at Beran Baptist Bible College. My life has been blessed and enriched by his simple but powerful life. Thank you, Dr. Ironside.

  7. I want to keep in touch with Dr. Ironside as a aformer student at Beran Baptist Bible College from 1986. my email is:

  8. Marson Khumlo and Olga Khumlo are so glad to see Dr. Ironside and his big family. Madam Pat and Dr. Ironside are our inspiration and we are blessed by their teachings, and exemplary humble lives.They were our Professors in Berean Baptist Bible College & Seminary Bangalore. Moreover Olga and her family Mr. and Mrs. Arul are the first fruits of Sir's Ministry in Chembur Biblical Baptist Church,Mumbai. Sir we are so happy today.

  9. Another of such a privileged student of Dr. Ironside. There are many biblical text that comes to my mind that describe such a wonderful life being lived out for God's glory, but to me, the text that is most exemplified by Dr. Ironside is James 3:17-18.

    Saji P> Thomas, 1981-86 batch of Berean Baptist; Email:

  10. Dr. Ironside was my teacher in Bangalore back in the early 1990's. We, his students, love him beyond description. We mourned the loss of this great man of God while rejoice with him for his final victory! Dear Sir, what you have taught us will live on in us and in the lives of people you have touched throuh us. See you there.

  11. Dr.Ironside was a Godly man who served almighty God faithfully.we love him,respect and Honor him for his examplenary christian life.


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