Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 10, 2011

A number of people have wanted to know more about our "fifty-year celebration" last Friday, so here are a few glimpses into the wonderful evening we got to spend together as a family.

Dad surveys the table ...

... then invites us to
join him for dinner

Bronwyn and Paul at the soup course -
another love story being told
day by day, year by year

A master class on perfect
soup-drinking form!

Bop told the two grandsons present that
he wouldn't mind it if they sat with him
at the head of the table

Debs and BA

Dad revealing the crown roast!
(He had repaired the handle of
the old silver cover
that afternoon ...)

Roast potatoes

Carrots - Everything tasted better
served from these dishes ...

Carving and serving the meat

Both hearts and plates full!

Allan refilling glasses - youngest
(and thirstiest!) sister's last ...

The perfect tea
-Tiger Hill -
poured from the
perfect teapot

The Memory Booklet - carefully
designed and painstakingly
compiled by Cathryn and
efficiently bound by Bronwyn -
truly a labour of love



Three generations

Time for dessert: orange chiffon cake
with fresh whipped cream and strawberries
- one of Mum's favourites, and
made by Dad for the occasion

Dad's love for equity extends
even to measuring cake
when he cuts one ...

Bronwyn regaling us with another memory of our parents
Angela with the cup that matched
her outfit!

Dad with his girl.
The candlestick on the table
was his Christmas gift to her.


Our family has been so blessed ...


  1. Thanks for sharing this special event with us, Karyn!

  2. Great photographs. Doesn't your father look good in that suit. And your TeaHouse is the perfect spot for such a special occasion!

  3. what a beautiful celebration and love story!
    We are missing you and the cozy little tea house on our rainy today in our new home. I think that I may need to set up our own little tea nook because I haven't seen such a place in our little town.


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