Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Welcome to the Casbah!
Dinner at the Casbah

It's a beautiful spot for a TH staff event - but not so good for phone-camera pictures, apparently!

Oh well ... in the TH tradition of shortest to tallest, I want to thank the following for a wonderful evening:

Exquisite decor, cleverly created to be
movable for parties like this ...
Maya, Emily, Jocelyn, Krista, Anita, Karla, Deborah, Angela, BA, Brenda, Cathryn, Dad, Jackie, Julia, Steve, Barry, Curtis, Matthew, Brent - and Andy, who joined us at the Messiah.

And enormous thanks go out to Rani and Carrie Drissi, the owners of the Casbah, for the delicious meal and a delightfully rich experience crammed into such a short time frame! 

Pouring the mint tea

The appetizer: Khoubiza Brioua

My favourite chicken tajine

A magical meal - thank you,
Rani and Carrie!


  1. This looks amazing! Maya told me how amazing it was!! She loved the tea too!

  2. rockin' the Casbah ! the Casbah rocks !


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