Monday, April 12, 2010

Midnight at the TH

It's the midnight after the day our lovely Lois became Lois Lewis! More on the wedding soon (one of the TH boys did comment, though, that one important part of the ceremony was missed: the part where the officiant asks if anyone objects to this union!) ...

Where did the time go? It's now almost 1:00 a.m. and I have just turned out a fragrant batch of cinnamon rolls in preparation for the men's group that will arrive in less than six short hours.

I usually try to steel myself against many of the enticing aromas emanating from my kitchen; but tonight I find myself snipping off the tiniest piece from a vagabond end of one of the piping hot rolls exuding spicy sweetness, and as I pop the morsel into my mouth and savour its gooey richness I remind myself how absolutely BAD it is for a person to be eating past 7 in the evening.

But then, remembering the time, I rationalise that hey, it's a new day and therefore this counts more as a breakfast amuse bouche -- wouldn't you say?!


  1. if i had known those were coming out of your oven, you would have had a late night visitor rapping at your door!! oh. my. goodness. those look heavenly.

  2. yum! you do make the most gooey and delish cinnamon rolls. . . !


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