Friday, September 4, 2009

Ten Things I Love About You

Your faithfulness in these years of "retirement" (retirement??!!) with your Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening Bible studies, your visits to the hospital and surrounding nursing homes; taking part in so many funerals; delivering little treats to people on a weekly basis; your ministry of encouragement, rejoicing with those who rejoice and weeping with those who weep; your continuing to study and learn, watch and pray; all these Sundays as the "pulpit supply"-- and for letting me tag along!

How you mischeviously quiz us on the references for the verses you quote, and then sparkle triumphantly when you have to tell us ...

The lives you have impacted from even before you went to India; the countless lives you have impacted in India; the lives you impact today: an enormous legacy.

MOAT for my birthday!!

That you are never too busy or too tired for any of your kids or grandsons.

You get up early on a Sunday morning to bake me fresh bread and prepare sandwiches for my breakfast when we are going out of town to a church, and you stay up late on Friday night to help me unload and put away my groceries.

How you still play with your wedding ring ... How you love and honour Mum ... "Many waters cannot quench love."

You taught me how to make cinnamon rolls for the TH! AND you gave me the pan to make them in!!

The tone of voice in which you say, "I love you, Karyn; you're very precious."

When I look at the night sky through the corner of my eye, I see stars that I would have missed otherwise. When I look at you I see glimpses of God that I would have missed otherwise...

Happy Birthday, Dad!
I love you; you're very precious.
(Photo credit: First picture, of Allan Ironside and Martha Wunsch with some of the Tuesday morning Robertson Manor group, taken on Martha's 100th birthday by Cathryn Ironside)

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